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The Black Continent, as Africa is often called for many, remains a tabula rasa, that is, a blank slate. Not everyone knows that there is also quite traditional entertainment here, and residents of many countries prefer classic gambling when choosing how to unwind and win, of course. Along with Kenya and Nigeria, South Africa is in the TOP 3 countries where gambling is in the highest demand. South Africa gambling online has become the #1 theme for the entire industry in the last few years as the local market is growing at a tremendous rate.

Many leading online casino operators are turning their attention to Africa, as this region is beneficial for business expansion. Africa is traditionally considered a continent of developing countries that are concentrated on agriculture and resource extraction. However, this old stereotype has finally begun to break down. If you study the economic potential of countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, namely their passion for sports betting, you can see the prospects for this continent. We decided to collect and provide our readers with information about legislation, tax policy, popular trends, and the development of online gambling in Africa, as well as how to navigate South African gambling sites, as well as how to find the best SA online casino.


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It is generally accepted that Africa is a continent where high technologies are completely undeveloped. But in the case of South Africa, this misconception is false. Moreover, here more than three-quarters of the continent are connected to SIM, and two-thirds of the population has access to high-speed mobile Internet. Today the whole population of Africa is 11.5% of the total number of Internet users on the globe. And this has become one of the main factors why new South African casinos are mushrooming today and lots of international operators also gladly accept South African gamblers.

By the way, in South Africa itself, there are also many land-based casinos, often at large hotels, because this country is actively developing trade and tourism, which means there is no shortage of visitors here. Locals themselves enjoy spending time playing South African slots online or betting on sports that is another favorite entertainment of locals for more than a dozen years. Sports betting is especially trending now as young Africans follow the European football league with particular interest.

If we talk about Africa as a whole, then, of course, there are several problems that need to be solved before online gambling in Africa begins to flourish fully. In many regions, gambling laws are unclear, outdated, or simply citizens do not obey them. It’s fair to say that the overwhelming majority of African countries support gambling, unlike the rest of the world (except just a couple of African regions that strongly oppose the gambling industry). For investors, entrepreneurs, and shareholders of online casinos, this is promising news, and for local residents, it is the opportunity to legally play their favorite games and slots without restrictions.


In order to highlight the key facts about top online casinos of South Africa, it is worth delving into the history of gambling in this country first. Let’s begin with this to start our overview of the best online gambling sites in South Africa.


The history of gambling in South Africa is quite old. It is directly related to the expansion of this territory by the Europeans. When colonists from the Netherlands, French Huguenots fleeing persecution in their homeland, as well as immigrants from Germany arrived in this territory in the 17th century, they brought with them not only material values but also traditions, including traditional entertainment types. It is not surprising that the first gambling in South Africa appeared at that time. Of course, there was no talk of classic casinos at all, and before the advent of online casinos in Africa, there were still at least three centuries. But even then, the country government began to issue legislative acts regulating gambling, among other things.

Gambling in South Africa has been severely restricted since 1673 when the Gambling Act officially banned all forms of games of chance except horse racing as a sporting activity. However, in 1996, the National Gambling Act established a licensed casino system and a unified national lottery, and at the same time, allowing some types of betting games in South Africa, such as sports betting and horse racing. Up to this point, since 1992, updated laws have prohibited any gambling activity in South Africa.

Today there are about 40 land-based casinos in South Africa, of which 4 are considered the largest (these are 180+ tables for card games and many slots). The biggest casino in South Africa today is the Rio Casino Resort in Klerksdorp. It is also the largest African casino and the largest gaming hall in the whole southern hemisphere of the planet. The casino was built in 2002.  


As for online South African casino as a phenomenon, its roots lie in the two main hobbies of locals.

  • Sports betting has long attracted South African players. At first, it was betting on horse racing, but today the favorites of the public are soccer, cricket, rugby, and golf. An estimated 50% of the adult population in South Africa bets on sports regularly, with most residents betting at least once a month. In 2018, this type of gambling in South Africa contributed 21% of total gambling revenue.
  • Lotteries. After the government created a system of national lotteries, many locals enthusiastically began to play this type of gambling, which allows them to win real money online instantly in South Africa. At the same time, most of the players take part in the national lottery. Almost 78.9% of all gamers play it.

All this became the basis for the interest of the country’s residents in online gambling sites in South Africa.

True, the path of legalization of online casino games in South Africa is still not complete. And you are unlikely to find a legit online casino in South Africa operating under the jurisdiction of the country. But the activities of operators from other countries are not limited here. And although the exact law on how to make a legit online casino in South Africa is not yet there, discussions on the possibility of legalizing the business connected with online casino games in South Africa are ongoing. It is likely that next year we will be able to declare an online casino in South Africa is legal. The government has already announced its readiness to issue about 10 licenses for new South African online casinos but so far this is only an intention, not a fait accompli.


As we said, the South African government is just introducing licenses for online casino games in South Africa. But there are already several regulators of gambling activity here. First of all, this is the National Gambling Council of South Africa that provides overall licensing for land-based casinos. There are also regulators for each province of the country:

  • Eastern Cape Gambling Council
  • Northern Cape Gambling Council
  • Western Cape Gambling and Horse Racing Council
  • KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Gambling and Betting Council
  • Free State Office of Gambling and Alcoholic Beverages
  • Northwest Gambling Council
  • Gauteng Gambling Council
  • Mpumalanga Economic Regulator
  • Limpopo Gambling Council

In addition, players and fans of online gambling for real money in South Africa can use the services of almost every real online casino in South Africa, which operates under the license of one of the international e-gaming regulators, for example, Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, UK, and others. Having a license is one of the prerequisites for security when you want to spin and win in South Africa. Carefully study the official documents of the online casino in South Africa of your choice. Reliable online casinos in South Africa for real money have such documents and license numbers openly indicated on the website.


We have already indirectly touched on the issue of choosing the best online casino in South Africa when we mentioned the possibility of licensing casino online gambling in South Africa. Now let’s dive into a more detailed overview of the factors that are important when you want to find the best online gambling for South Africa’s residents. And to begin with, the conversation will again go about licenses, the cornerstone of any gambling establishment.


Needless to say, playing in an unlicensed casino is simply impossible for the sake of your safety. This is fraught with the loss of money because, in the event of controversial situations, you simply cannot prove the case with independent authority, since a casino without a license does not obey any of the e-gaming regulators. Therefore, even if you find a site that is included in one of the many ratings like top 10 casinos in South Africa but nothing is known about the license of this gambling establishment, our advice is simple. Don’t risk it!

But even in the case when legal online gambling sites for South Africa have a license represented on the webpage, remember that each regulator sets its own rules, and not all of them are client-friendly. So, the Curacao license is one of the most affordable, both in terms of cost and the requirements that a casino needs to fulfill to obtain it. But the rules of business regulation of the government of Curacao are the most loyal to casinos, which means that your claims will most likely be ignored by the authority.

Casinos licensed from Malta and Gibraltar are much more reliable. Here, there is tighter regulation of e-gaming, and the interests of players are much better protected. And certainly, a sure sign of an online casino in South Africa that is legal to play for real money is a UK license. Due to strict regulatory requirements for casinos and strict monitoring of compliance with these requirements, casinos licensed by the UK can safely be considered as the best real online casino in South Africa.


Let’s continue our research on which of the online casinos legal in South Africa should be chosen by the players. The next point worth discussing is the selection of casino games. The best online casino games in South Africa are not only the favorite sports betting and lottery. Moreover, all casinos in South Africa offer them. Signs of good South Africa gambling sites include the following types of games on their menu:

  • Slots. The variety of slots is an indicator that the casino cares about making its customers interesting to play. These can be South African slot machines, stylized by country and tradition. But just as important is the availability of a variety of popular slot games in South African casinos. Moreover, large providers usually offer ultra-exciting slots with an interesting game design and high RTP.
  • Card games. Offering online blackjack in South Africa, or providing poker tournaments, or one of the variations of any other card game are already adding points to the status of the top online casino in South Africa. Moreover, it is card games that are the basis of any land-based casino.
  • Board games. Many people like this kind of entertainment. Bet on red or black in roulette, play bingo or baccarat – all this the best online casino in South Africa is obliged to provide to its customers.
  • Live games. This type of South African online casino game is at its peak today.

You must agree that playing online live roulette in South Africa is much more interesting and enjoyable than playing simple electronic roulette. Here you can not only place bets but also enjoy communication with a live casino dealer.

All these casino games in South Africa are available on the websites of major operators. But do not neglect the more intimate gaming sites, they often have real gems of South African casino slots and games in their menu.

And here’s another question that concerns the analysis of games of any casino online in South Africa, these are providers who supply software for a gambling establishment. Large providers, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Red Tiger, PlayTech, must comply with the requirements of impartiality and honesty when developing their games. And their gaming products can let you win honestly. In addition, the gaming software of such providers often undergoes additional expert checks, confirming its honesty. So you shouldn’t play at casino slots in South Africa, produced by no-name providers. By the way, the list of casino providers must be available on the website of the gambling establishment. If not, this is a bad sign.

And the next point that defines the best casino in South Africa in terms of the games it offers is RTP. This acronym hides the Return-to-Player index. That is, the percentage of money that a certain game returns to its player. For South African casino games online, the RTP index must be at least 95%. In this case, the risks of losing are low.


Casino promotions and bonuses are an integral part of the game. And, of course, the greatest pleasure is associated with them. Let’s take a look at the bonuses offered by the best-paying casinos in South Africa. First of all, do not forget that the purpose of any bonuses is not at all to give you money or free spins. Their purpose is to captivate you with the game so that you spend as much money as possible. Therefore, if casino sites in South Africa offer you sky-high bonuses, you should be on your guard. They may require a large enough deposit to receive. It is also likely that the wagering requirement for such bonuses will be quite high. In this regard, be sure to read the casino bonus policy before claiming bonuses. For top casino sites in South Africa, this policy will definitely be described in detail in the rules or in the Bonuses section of the site.

More often than not, South African online gambling sites offer players a welcome bonus for signing up. They are credited after making the first (and sometimes the second, third, name it) deposit. These bonuses can be in the form of bonus money, which is available for betting, or in the form of free spins on slot machines in South Africa. By the way, South African no deposit casinos also exist, although less often than establishments that offer games only after making a deposit. In such casinos, you can get no deposit bonuses in the form of free spins to spend on your favorite slot machine. Yet not all slots are included in the list for this promo.

Another category of bonuses is tied to certain days of the week. So many South African online gambling sites offer weekly bonuses in the form of free spins, cashback, or a percentage of the amount of the deposit made on that day.

Also, top real money casinos in South Africa can reward customers through a loyalty program. In practice, it looks like this: the most active players who spend the most time in the casino or spend significant amounts of money receive VIP status or move to a new stage of the loyalty program. This gives additional benefits that are not available to ordinary players. For example, extra bonuses, additional cashback, a more loyal wager, etc.

By the way, many new online casinos in South Africa have additional promotions available for their subscribers on social networks. Such offers can be useful too, so don’t forget to subscribe to your favorite best casino’s in South Africa social media pages. 


The most important thing when choosing a site from the South African online casinos list is your own safety. The casino itself is built on risk. You are risking your money by relying on luck. And the casino, in turn, risks to pay you a big payout if you win. But don’t discount the other risks that could happen when playing online slots in South Africa for real money. For example, the possibility of data leakage from the casino. When you want to avoid this, you should think in advance about how to assess the security of the site on which you will enter your payment information. Especially when we are talking about new SA online casinos. The main criteria confirming that you are on the safest online casino in South Africa site will be the following signs:

  • The site uses modern double encryption protocol SSL. It will be difficult to steal data from the site of such a casino. Therefore, if the casino uses SSL technology, you can safely rank it among the top South African online casinos.
  • The ability to play only after data verification is another sign that the casino cares about your safety. Verification allows the gaming platform to weed out scammers, money launderers, and terrorists to protect other players from them.
  • Online support is also a feature of top online casinos in South Africa. If players respond quickly to requests and solve problems quickly, this is a good sign.
  • User reviews are the main factor in determining the security of South Africa online casino for real money. If you read reviews on major aggregators, and these reviews are mostly positive, none of the reviewers accuse the casino of foul play or non-payment of money, such an institution can be trusted.


What is the essence of customer support? This is a team that should help players solve their problems. Can’t access the casino website? Don’t see your account? Did your Internet connection fail while spinning the slot? Have you been waiting a week for the withdrawal of funds to your card? All these questions can be safely addressed to customer support. A good casino from the top 10 online casinos in South Africa has such a support service as clockwork. Moreover, the best legal South African online casino has 24/7 customer support, friendly and fast. It is best if the casino offers instant ways to contact the support team:

  • Live chat,
  • Instant messengers,
  • Telephone number.

But if the casino solves all questions only through e-mail, it means that your problem will be dealt with slowly. And this is certainly not a sign of a good online gambling casino in South Africa.


The issue of payments is especially important for the player. Unless he plays at one of the few South African no-deposit online casinos. And here the issue of trust in the casino is easy to clarify if we consider the conditions on which the casino offers to operate with money. Online gambling for real money in South Africa, as elsewhere, requires both replenishing your gambling account and withdrawing proceeds from the game. The more payment methods the casino offers, the better. In general, you should avoid casinos that work with e-services unfamiliar to you or transfer money to the player in an old-fashioned way in the form of checks or wire transfers. It is also worth paying attention to what currencies the casino accepts. For example, many international operators today are happy to accept not only USD or EUR but also ZAR. And it is certainly best to play in a casino for cryptocurrency if you use it. For example, gambling establishments included in the top list of online casinos in South Africa mostly offer the opportunity to play for cryptocurrency or withdraw winnings to crypto wallets.

Please review the payment method rules so you can verify that you are playing at trusted online gambling sites in South Africa. A good casino does not charge additional fees for withdrawals or deposits. A good online casino for gambling in South Africa will have adequate deposit and withdrawal limits. Finally, reliable South African casino sites make deposits and withdrawals very fast. The maximum that top SA casinos can afford is processing payments within 2-4 days. Remember this.


As we already wrote at the beginning of our article, most of the inhabitants of the African continent are already covered by a high-speed wireless Internet network. This means that many people prefer to play on the go from their mobile gadgets. But can this always be done? Our answer: almost always! Most of the new online casinos in South Africa are already adapted to the needs of mobile players. For older sites, this issue is also relevant. But there are some small secrets to keep in mind if you want to choose a decent mobile online casino in South Africa.

  • See which game format the casino offers: playing through a mobile browser, or through an application? The first option is easier to develop, but the second provides the player with more options.
  • Remember that if you play in a casino app, you only need to download it from the official marketplace or directly on the casino website. Otherwise, there is a great chance to get fake and lose your money.
  • The usability of a site for a mobile game should be very high. And if the casino website in its mobile version takes a long time to load, blocks certain elements, or gives access to a limited number of options, it is worth considering an alternative.

The best online casino sites in South Africa have mobile versions developed at a very high level and they make it possible to play all South African gambling games presented in the full version.


The number of visitors to the South African real money casino is growing every year. And with the onset of the pandemic, this entertainment became a real discovery for many. At the same time, do not forget that even in the latest SA online casinos or in the biggest casinos in South Africa you are at risk. How to make your gambling experience fun and safe? We’ll give you a couple of tips besides finding the top 10 biggest casinos in South Africa.

  1. Before playing online slot machines for real money in South Africa, try to test them in the demo version. At one of the no-deposit casinos in South Africa, you can do it without spending a single rand. Playing the demo version gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with the game mechanics, get your hands on it and just have a good time if you are a beginner.
  2. Use casino restrictions. In order to comply with the principles of responsible gambling, the best-paying online casino in South Africa invites players to set their own limits. For example, you can adjust the amount of time you can allow yourself to gamble every day. Or, limit the number of transactions to replenish the deposit. This way you won’t lose your entire salary without batting an eye.
  3. Use SA casino free spins. If there is such a bonus in the casino, take it and play for your pleasure.
  4. Never give access to your casino account to strangers. You are risking your money. Even close people should not play with your account. Moreover, most casinos will simply ban you for such a violation. Needless to say, you shouldn’t publish your logins and passwords in the casino in the public domain. The more complex your password is, the more carefully you protect your data, the fewer risks are awaiting you during the game.
  5. Whenever possible, choose a payment method that is not linked to your primary bank account or bank card, on which you receive your primary income. It is better to choose e-wallets or an instant card that can be issued specifically for these purposes.

Responsible gambling is the main principle behind gambling as entertainment. And in a good casino, this principle will be strictly observed.


Let’s summarize. Africa is undeservedly considered the most low-tech continent. But today it is here that 11% of all Internet users live. Moreover, South Africans are among the most important clients of the gambling industry. The gambling tradition here goes back more than one hundred years. And despite the fact that for most of this time gambling games in South Africa were banned, the love of the locals for them clearly only increased.

Thanks to new laws, land-based casinos in South Africa have become legal. But there are not so many of them, only about 40 of them in the whole country are legal. But legal gambling sites in South Africa are still only a dream. It is necessary to wait for the implementation of the law regulating the activities of online gambling in general because so far legal online gambling in South Africa is limited to the national lottery and sports betting in online branches of land-based bookmakers.

But this does not mean at all that locals cannot spin gambling machines in South Africa when they need to. All offshore online casinos are here for millions of players! The government does not block access to such sites, and many online casino South African players cheer up to launch their websites and play some games. They also support the specifics of the region and offer to play with local currency.

At the same time, everyone who wants to play at one of the top 10 online casinos in South Africa should remember about safety. Responsible gambling principles and careful selection of gambling establishments from the list of casinos in South Africa will help you make gambling a good pastime in this pandemic era. We hope this article will help you find the perfect casino for your purposes too, and you can use our recommendations to play your favorite South African slot machines or any other gambling game of your choice. Stay safe, choose only reliable casinos and slots, do not try to get the maximum jackpot from the start and we are sure you’ll get all the excitement and joy from your gambling experience started in one of the best online casinos in South Africa.